Saving Lives, Transforming Communities

Welcome to OUTreach Resource Centers!

OUTreach is dedicated to transforming communities and saving lives through our centers for youth, community projects, programs and forums.

We specialize in working to prevent youth suicide, homelessness and bullying and rally communities to be better informed and able to work together in ways that save lives and transform families, schools and regions.

We mentor other organizations in starting their own OUTreach centers, with 23 now operating all over the United States. We partner with non-profit organizations, schools, Universities, government and business partners and faith communities on special projects, notably our Safe & Sound Host Home Project with Mormons Building Bridges.

We invite you to join us in our work for and with LGBT and allied youth.
Call 801-686-4528 or email info@OUTreachResourceCenters.org to talk with us about how you can be a part of what we do.  As our first youth placed in a Safe & Sound Host Home said: “Safe and Sound pretty much saved my life. It protected me and produced loving accepting parents I didn’t really have.”